Wednesday, 6 February 2008


And so here we are again in that Lenten time of the year, for you devout Christians and Catholics out there. I now like to think of myself as secular and a non-practising Catholic but I always like a good challenge. About 4 years ago for Lent, my friends dared me to cut out meat, and I did, and I thought that it was so easy and liberating after a while that I ended up cutting it out altogether. Still do. I've been happily Pesco-vegetarian up til now, and counting.

My friends have put up some interesting status updates on facebook about Lent. Here are a couple:

SJW gave up using facebook for Lent...sooooo...yeah...leave a message! xoxo

DSP shall do the fecking impossible by going 40 days alcohol-free...starting NOW!

...and THIS JUST IN! We have confirmation that my carnivorous Filipino ex has given up meat. He says he'll try but there is no 'try' in the word 'lent' so we all know what THAT means!

And what have I given up you ask? Well, most of you are probably going to have your toes writhing in your ankle boots for this one. That would 40 days no shopping. Somehow I feel kind of comforted, because just two days ago I bought a bunch of great staples, and I think I have MORE than enough clothes. In fact, EVERYTIME I shop I think that I have more than enough clothes. Well, I guess it's time to put that to the test. Time to see where my creativity in mixing/matching/layering/accessorizing comes in. I think Daddy, the money dealer, will be very proud of me. Wish me pots of gold luck!

What are you giving up, huh?

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