Friday, 29 February 2008


HEY EVERYONE, look at these kirei (beautiful/pretty in Japanese)Doc Martens that I can't buy. My awesome Elle Daily Buy Facebook Application says they're around £99 but this website has them for £60. Weird, but a good weird. Spring is cominggggg!Also, I think I will have to cheat with this Lenten Shopping ban thing because, on the Facebook Marketplace, this guy is offering brand new GHD hair straighteners for £75 each! DO YOU KNOW HOW HOLISTIC A GHD STRAIGHTENER IS WITH YOUR HAIR? My stylist, back when I could afford him, in Fulham, swears by them and they are originally priced at £120. ALSO, this guy has 5 of them, so...if you're in London and you want one, he says he'll sell all of them for 70 each if I find people for the other 4. They're brand new too. Get back to me people or snooze and lose.

*PHEW* Had to get all that out before bed because I've been feeling guilty about not posting any Japanese Phrase of the Day or Item of the Day recently, which should be daily. I'm kind of OCD about my blog. OKAY! G'NITE!

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