Monday, 25 February 2008


Something terrible just happened. I finished the entire DVD series of My So Called Life. It was better than I expected, better than I remembered, better than anything on TV anymore. And there was WAY too much plaid.

The IOTD is plaid, because for me, it is not yet over-plaid (get it?). You know how some girls get really embarassed when they spot another girl wearing what they're wearing? Well, this weekend I went to Walkabout with some friends in the above outfit. Although there was a girl in an awesome over-sized blue plaid one she wore as a dress, I bumped into a GUY at the bar wearing my shirt. I don't get embarassed by those things. We just laughed and high-fived each other. Now being caught in the same thing as a guy makes me OFFICIALLY AWESOME! I just wish I had gotten a pic of the two of us together.

If you have 9 minutes to spare, here's a clip from an episode of My So Called Life. See if you can spot the plaid. What's funny is...this is JUST A CLIP and the number of plaid sightings in this clip is consistent throughout the entire show!


Camilla said...

You look fantastic, girl!
I really love this outfit. I'm not to fond of plaids in general but I really want a plaid shirt. Preferably very much like the one you're wearing. I just love the borrowed-this-from-my-boyfriend look :) I also adore denim cut-offs! I hardly wear anything else on hot summer days.

The shoes are fantastic too, btw.

Guerreira said...

I so want a plaid shirt, but all the ones made for girls are way too short for me. I have been looking on men's departments for a while, so I might encounter a similar situation to yours once I have mine on (that is, if I find a decent one!).

thelonelylondoner said...

SWEET! People like it! I was so nervous I thought I had a sliver of style and I was wrong all my life lol. These two measly comments made my day guys. LOVE YOU!