Saturday, 23 February 2008


So, I fell in love with a place called Shunt, had AMAZINGLY CHEAP AND ALWAYS GOOD vegetable curry w/ rice at Chop Chop, enjoyed myself thoroughly alone, just me and a cuppa hot chocolate at the cinema for Be Kind Rewind, which is actually a pretty sad flick, as well as laugh at loud, got my yoga fix and did a substantial amount of creative writing and reading this weekend. But the highlight of it all would have to be my 17 year old brother's joke (he's home in Dubai now IMing me):

Me: Who's there?
Brother: It's me, your brother, and I'll always be there for you.

He's not really that lame, he just says corny things like that to make me smile, and it works! He's coming to Manchester, UK soon with my dad for a football match. I'm thinking of meeting them. HOTEL ROOM FUN! ...As in room service and things like that...

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