Friday, 29 February 2008


So, if it wasn't for my most amazing London friend Sherel calling me around noon saying she had problems and needed to talk to someone, I would not have gotten out of bed at all and had a 3 hour majorly productive writing session that harboured some raw and exciting bits of prose, and even some poetry, which I tend not to tamper with.

I sat in Starbucks waiting for her naturally fashionably late ass to show, with my Venti (I upsized expecting to be there ages, good call) Iced White Caffe Mocha, with which I customized by chucking the usual white chocolate syrup and replacing it with half cinnamon and half vanilla syrup. Yes, I know, it is genius. The word of the blogger. Thanks be to Kara.

I think I wrote about 6 A4 page sides of my notebook, which included planning out my next short story for my portfolio, a few Beat Generation-esque poems about love, descriptions of the people around me, and luckily there are a vast number of weird people lurking in Shepherd's Bush, and just general thoughts. I also decided that one of my interests is crab migrations on Christmas Island; ever since I was a little girl. I know. Leave me be. I've always wanted to go there and since I can't organize that anytime soon, I have decided to write a short story on it. Okay, you think I'm weird. Check it out for yourself.

I bet you're thinking, "Don't fricking tell us about your stories, show us!" My lecturers always say that, "SHOW, DON'T TELL!" Trust me, as time passes, and when they are finished being re-drafted and edited many times, I will let them go, release my babies, let them grow up in your minds. I promise.

For now, you can just have a look at my suicidal memory in my last post. And thank you, lovely Guerreira for commenting on my piece. It really made an already great day extra better, and who would've thought more joy could come to a day minutes to midnight?

After listening to the inspirational words of wisdom that my friend Sherel had to say about not giving up on being a writer and killing myself, we went to Chop Chop, where a plate the size of a hubcab of good Chinese food costs roughly £3. Go there. Nuff said. Then, we decided to catch a movie at the Vue. And we met a man.

"Sherel, what should we see? Jumper was shit, and sorry but I've seen Cloverfield, Sweeney Todd, Juno and Be Kind Rewind already."
"Well, hahahaha oh look! They finally brought out that movie with the ugly girl running from a car in underwear, 'All the Boys Love Mandy Lane."
"Well, do you wanna see that?"
"NO! Can I please spend my money wisely for once?"
"Well, I heard No Country for Old Men is wicked. It won best picture. Oh sorry, we're blocking this man."
"No Country is definitely a must-see girls, unless you're looking for a chick flick. No Country's a drama."
"I thought it was a thriller."
"Well, yes, both." Sherel gets scared. "It's not a spilling guts type of movie, it's pretty fucking weird...and brilliant. It's like a 'what the fuck' movie, yuh know?"

Well, yes, it is a 'what the fuck' movie, and What the fuck. It was brilliant. I didn't realise how hot Josh Brolin can be when he's not in a funny movie like Grindhouse. Apparently he wasn't even the one casted for the movie. It was his 67 yr old father actor James Brolin, but Josh showed up by mistake (HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? HOW EMBARASSING!) Maybe I'm creepy for thinking I could have hot people sex with him, but Sherel liked him too, and we are pretty bipolar when it comes to guys. I mean, I helped her pick out a huge purple fake diamond 'bling' ear stud for her boyf today. Here are some other 'off' guys that I find attractive.

Anyway, unusually hot guys aside, this guy we met ('Call me Anthony, or Doctor Voice') was old+british+unattractive=not my type, but I REALLY liked him, in a 'I want to have awesome conversations with you' type of way. We talked to him for about 20 more minutes, well I did, not Sherel. She listened to us go on about movies and screenplays and movie scores (he writes movie scores and is actually quite famous) and how we secretly LOVED Cloverfield but didn't want anyone to know that (I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE!) and he was impressed with my movie knowledge and I was just so excited with HIM! Has anyone ever felt like that about someone? Like you just HAD to be friends with that person? I suppose it is sort of like Juno befriending Jennifer Garner's husband in the movie, or the relationship in Lost in Translation, minus the 'Ohmygod, I love you' bits in both. I was really sad that he just turned around and left the theatre after talking to us, and wanted him to join us. Is that weird? Sherel had to listen to me talk about him over tea for 30 minutes. Anyway, be sure to see his movie 'Prison Ship' when it comes out. I don't know anything about it or if it's any good but he claims people are calling it the Die Hard 5. Okay that probably doesn't make you want to watch it so I'll scope it out for you guys and report back.

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