Saturday, 23 February 2008


So, my lamely regular, black £2 Philips headphones are approaching their end, a year or so after the plight of my pathetic white iPod ones. It's time to find something a little more "WHOA!" (and durable) to wear on my head when grooving to CSS. I've always wanted a pair of those ridiculously large headphones that scenester kids wear around their necks like accessories. So, I'm on the lookout from now, so that when that shopping ban lifts, I'm ready like Freddy; slicing cash registers in half with my HSBC debit card.

There are these Urban Warfare ones at $69.95. The second one (Desert), I thought would be awesome for a un-named friend of mine. I'd have bullets in my hair. COOL!

Of course we can't forget Swarovski's in the mix; for all the Paris Hiltons at heart (ear, whatev).

Let 'Kawaiiness' embrace your mind, literally- $39.99, at, I'm assuming, the Hello Kitty store or probably down any street in Harajuku.
There are these Zumreed headphones from I don't know where. I am just posting these pictures. I'm too tired this morning to go name-hunting.

These ones are just so simply sleek.

PINK!- from Skull Candy
Also check out for a great stylish variety.

And then, when we've all bought our respective fashionable headphones, we should try to download:
Alala- Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS)
The Dull Flame of Desire- Bjork
A-Punk- Vampire Weekend
Sea of Love- Cat Power
To Be Alone With You- Sufjan Stevens
Call the Shots- Girls Aloud
Love is a Losing Game- Amy Winehouse
Their Cell- Girl in a Coma
You're So Gay- Katy Perry
Konichiwa Bitches!- Robyn
Innocence(Simian Mobile Disco Twelve Inch Remix)- Bjork
Superstar- Sonic Youth
Anyone Else But You- The Moldy Peaches
Monsoon- Tokio Hotel
Anything else listed in my feeble 'SONG OF THE WEEK' section to the right, or maybe Said the Gramaphone will have something for you. KEEP KEEPING YOUR EARS PEELED! CIAO!

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