Friday, 22 February 2008


I told you in the last post I had another Polyvore set to show you on the luscious things that my anti-humble abode would hold, but the website was down that day so here it is. I also said I would be owning a loft in the States but after going to this vast canopying brick tunnel place under London Bridge called Shunt, I am having second thoughts about where I should apply for residency come 2009.

Shunt is the lost metaphor for my life! I can't believe it took me 6 seconds to completely turn the tables on my hatred for the UK. Grazia was right, Britain does rock again. According to Jane Bruton, the Grazia editor, London is officially the coolest place on the planet again, and this was stated in the February 18th issue. I'm pretty sure it's because the night before writing that she had an eclectic moment at Shunt.

When I walked in, I already knew it would be the place they'd describe as my official hangout and muse in the 'About the Author' section of my best sellers. They'd say that I would sit there buried in the leopard print sofa, my feet propped up on the pink hallogen light inserted glass table, sipping on my 6th Corona and bursting forth my craft onto page after page after page...There'd be a sign over the door: "Award winning novelist Kara Martin was here. She wrote, she drank, she wrote some more, she swooned and she died."

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