Wednesday, 6 February 2008


The Sartorialist just lost his Blackberry down an elevator shaft and my cousin Becks got her beautiful dripping black touch screen dunked into a glass of red wine on a night out. Not to mention, I recently had to lie my way through two extra weeks of staying in California with a friend by telling my mother that my phone suddenly stopped working, and that I may need a new one (Second semester in London is doing just fine, Mum. Don't you worry about me. Doing just fine! Email me!) The latter is besides the point, however. Frankly, I'm happy with my phone, it's one of the slimmest of the slim, which makes it great for clutches...and getting easily lost in my over-sized bags, and it's a great shade of fuschia. All I need to be able to do is CONTACT. But if you don't like your phone or you're very electronics saavy, and you know that the iPhone is up to no good, then there's THIS ONE!

Touch sensitive music keys on screen when in music mode
Compatible with Windows Media Player 11
USB 2.0 for fast transfers and data access
25MB user memory
Innovative CrystalTalk Technology for better calling clarity
Mesmerizingly cool borderless display screen
2 megapixel multi-shot camera with landscape viewfinder
Video capture and playback
Airplane Mode
Just the right shade of metallic pink (or purple, or black)

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