Saturday, 16 February 2008


My internship is still months away (by 2.5) but it's always a good thing to start preparing from early. I am almost clueless as to what to expect. I have never done anything like this in my life! Nothing else I've achieved comes to mind anymore in comparison to this.

I've been following Jazzi Mc G's (Thanks for finding her blog back for me Sally!) progress as a intern for a little while and she's got some good tips; so does Miss Couturable, can't argue with that. Jazzi is a Teen Vogue contributor, and Miss Couturable, or Noel, is going to be a Teen Vogue intern this summer I think. Oh! And the very same helpful Sally has interned at Cosmopolitan, Cookie Magazine and is now an intern at Teen Vogue as well! WHAT IS IT WITH TEEN VOGUE?! Anyway, she's been giving me such great insider information too, about being backstage for her first fashion show and what her daily schedule is like.

So I've pocketed some advice and would like to share it with you because I know people who read this blog (and not many of you do yet), although it is not solely fashion, there are many aspects of it involved in my posts, so you, my readers may be interested in the fashion industry and possibly trying to smash your way into it.

Here's advice from 17 yr old over-acheiver Miss Couturable on how to grab an internship, along with other links for intern tips at the bottom of her post, and
Here's what Jazzi has to say on her little notebook, and why keeping one is so useful.

It's never too late to be an intern, or too early, apparently. SO GET CRACKALACKIN'! (Chris Rock's words, not mine)


Noel said...

Where are you interning this summer?

thelonelylondoner said...

I'm interning in Dubai for a fashion and lifestyle magazine out there called Viva.