Monday, 11 February 2008


'Friends' is one of my highest ranking labels on this blog so far. And I hope you know I don't mean that pathetic little American show that had everyone transfixed at one point; except me.

It's just really invaluable to have a true friendship, even if it's just in the singular. And I don't mean the friend that is willing to blow all her money (which is actually her parents') on cocktails for you in one night, then hold your hair up as you let it rip over the toilet after the boozing. Those are acquaintances. As The Lonely Londoner, I can seriously say it's been tough making 'friends'. I mean, the one major friend I made out here became my love interest, then my overseas boyfriend (he was an exchange student), then my ex. Yes, we are still exceptionally close, but...what about a friend in London?

I think I realised I can barely count any on one hand. Maybe that's why I've been ditching the house parties before midnight, passing on the 'take shots every time someone says the word'fuck' kinda thing, and delving deep into my work, befriending Angela Chase on My So Called Life, and most of all, blogging. I don't think it makes me pathetic, I think it just makes modern 'people-meeting' pathetic.

The last episode of MSCL that I watched, ep. 10, was where Rayanne decided to throw a huge birthday bash with the money her runaway father had sent her. She, of course, as troubled as she already is, got majorly boozed and smashed off of a bad mix of alcohol and ecstasy. By the time her mother came home to shut everything down and yell at her, then stomp off again, she was on the verge of passing out. Rickie is the epitome of care and dedication by friend; plus he wears an amazing band captain jacket. I completely broke down watching him protect this girl. It wasn't only episode 10, but all the ones that preceded it. Rickie is my ultimate friend. If I run out of eyeliner, I'm set. He'd be waiting in front of the girls' bathroom mirror for me, teasing his curled hair and telling me how beautiful I was, with or without the liner. So watching him shudder with tears as he slapped his best friend's pallid face, really got to me. He says this one great line, talking to Angela's mom in the hospital (she came to the rescue): "Has there ever been someone....? Did you ever try to protect someone..SO MUCH..that it, like...hurt?"*starts crying*

Okay okay, I am way too melodramatic about this show. But like they all say, you really had to have seen it. My point is, value your real friends and really be there for them. I won't call any names, but no matter how much I've stuck it out for this one person, they keep failing me. I've been asking people for help about it. She completely disregarded our plans this weekend..twice! And still hasn't made an effort to talk about it. I'm just...this close, yuh know? *sigh* That is why, the IOTD is a real friend.

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