Sunday, 10 February 2008


1) It's been a trecherously long week for me and for some reason I can't get it out of my head that it's only Sunday! It should be an easy thing to remember, but I am just in constant fear that I need to get up and print something off for Monday morning class. "KARA, YOU HAVE ONE MORE DAY OF REST!"

2)I keep thinking I gotta get a fashionable move-on with my day because I've spent the last 4 hours counting the plaid in My So Called Life and the number of fashion bloggers who totally know what they're about style-wise, and I just don't feel like I fit into the couturable equation anymore.

3)I keep regretting my lenten promise to not shop for 40 days and 40 tossy-turny nights. I have been on a serious fashion blog-spotting binge and the number of adorable things I've spotted that I just need to take the number 14 bus to Picadilly Circus and buy...*grrrrr* Well, let's just say the number is getting pretty close to the number of strands on my extra follicled head.

4)I haven't been able to get my daily dose of Pinoy boy toy on Skype/MSN Messenger because said person is away on a conference in Texas for the weekend in some kind of nightmarish hotel where there is no free internet! PFFT!

5)I am incomprehensibly H.U.N.G.R.Y and nothing I have is pre-made, and I am meeting a friend for lunch in Marble Arch tomorrow/later and I am just salivating over the places we will see and possibly dine at. I am also preparing a fantastic omelette in my head with the contents of my one cupboard, that I just don't want to have to get up and make!

6)My hair needs a wash and these extensions might be dying twice on my head. I am struggling with the fact that I may have to singlehandedly take out each braid myself this week and get the whole 6 hour long braiding process re-done. UGH! I am also trying to work with the idea of going back to my normal hair, which may need extra attention now with all the sweating I'll be doing at work with Bikram and friends, as well as with the damage it will be receiving if and when I dye it again. DOUBLE UGH!

Okay, it's 7:45am (beyond ridiculous!). I am going to have such a major insomniac hangover. It's time to fake it and stitch myself into the covers.

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