Monday, 4 February 2008


Back home, in Trinidad and Tobago, at this very moment, my friends, and pretty much half the country, as well as some thousand tourists, are all suited up in the streets of Port of Spain 'playin' a mas'. While I would love to be there with a beastly cold beer in hand and practically nothing but sequins and beads on my body, I have a short story to write out here for class tomorrow. I checked out some of this year's costumes to see what I was missing out. Not much apparently, since I'm not one to parade around public in a bikini (body sensitive, which is totally out of character for a woman of the caribbean. Ah well). Plus I'd much rather put $500 US towards a trip to South America. Here are some of my favourite tidbits of costume this year. Carnival can be fashion and art too, not just indecent exposure!

N.B My favourite carnival piece needs a post of its own. It's so beautiful. I'm making it my Item of the Day. So, see above. Otherwise, HAPPY CARNIVAL 2K8. Act and drink responsibly, and have fun!


Guerreira said...

It's Carnival right now in Brazil too! And I totally share the longing for the cold beer and the happiness for not having to put on a bikini at the moment!!!

thelonelylondoner said...

ya...and costumes are now more expensive than ever. I'll take that money to Rio with me this summer. GLAD TO RUN INTO A BRAZILIAN!