Tuesday, 19 February 2008


I forgot to give you dolls my Japanese Phrase of the Day. It's a good one. Well, pointless for me as I'm an alcoholic and drink everything. OOH! Remind me to do a post on interesting alcoholic beverages I've come across. There have been many *haw haw haw*

Without further ado:

Word of the day: Nomimasen- don't drink.
Phrase: Biiru o nomimasen- I don't drink beer
(don't forget the pronunciation guys. Japanese pronounce 'r' as 'l' and don't pronounce our u's at the end of 'biiru'!)

This phrase works really well with my last bar phrase. If your japanese friend is asking the bartender for 'six beers please' and you're a cocktail kinda girl, you can tap him and with your best manga voice, tell him what's up!
Sadly, I can't yet tell you how to say 'I want an Adios Motherfucker', but you can always say. 'Biiru o nomimasen. Adios Motherfucker' and nod your pretty little head. Because THAT would be REALLY funny.

P.S. Some alcoholic has a site that tells you how to say 'cheers!' in different languages.

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